Hi, my name is Ben McManus and I’m from Wavemaker Stoke and I am the current CEO.

What factors made me choose CineRobota? For me, the personal approach was key for me, so I knew I could speak to them on the phone, I could send emails and they’d respond quickly, the fact that they were local, but the quality of what they’ve done and what they continue to do is really really good, so it was the complete package for me.

I’ve been in this situation where I’ve commissioned two pieces of work. One’s been through funders’ money and one’s been through my own business’ money, if that makes sense, and we’ve had to tick a lot of boxes for those funders in terms of what they wanted. What I’ve been able to do is to take my business hat, of being very clear with a clear brief, but knowing that the guys at CineRobota can add an input to that to make sure that we get the best thing. So when I’ve done both and brought them together I think that’s what helped, it’s that business sense and working business to business, but being aware of what the funders want in the background.

I think from previous experience of other video production companies in the area, I thought I would get a quite standard video, actually what I did get was a very fast-moving, high cut-rate, great head shots, really zippy 3 minute snapshot of the entire day. Now the day itself was huge, so much stuff happening, but they’ve managed to condense it really well. So it actually went above my expectations and it was something that I’d be proud to present to the funders, to get on the website, because it really captures what we did on that day.

Would I recommend CineRobota to my colleagues? Definitely. One hundred percent, and what I’d say to them is, “do you want something that far exceeds anything in the area in terms of professionalism?” I mean, to me they come across and deliver as a company which is competing with Manchester, Liverpool and elsewhere, it’s not like a Stoke production company and I mean that in the best possible way, you know. So I’d say if you want something professional, if you want something tailored specifically for your needs as well, then these are the guys.