I had an idea for a video. I knew what I was trying to put across, but didn’t know how to present it. I wanted to explain our Office 365 product, simply.

I had a good conversation with Nick, he took some notes, he went away, came back and gave us his ideas on it and I didn’t have to change a thing. It was just dead straightforward, he knew what I was trying to achieve and came up with the formula for making that happen.

In terms of my expectations from CineRobota, they exceeded them. You know, I knew roughly what I wanted, I’d got this vision in my head, and to be fair Nick and Severin just took what I’d got, listened to what I wanted, went away, wrote a script, came back, but it was just so simple and easy, it was fantastic.

So, did they exceed my expectations? Definitely. They blew me out of the water with it.