So you’ve heard on the grapevine that the new ‘in-thing’ for your website and marketing drive is video. We’ll be the first to tell you the benefits of this – increased profile for your business, increased traffic to your website and therefore more customers (who have a better understanding of your business.) better branding and just generally a great way of introducing your services to customers.


“Awesome!” I hear your cry (or type) – “let’s go get something made!”
“Absolutely!” Says (or types) us “What do you want your video to do?”
“Ah…” I hear you then remark.

As with any form of marketing your business, it’s all about results. A video, when properly executed can endear you to your clientele, excite them and bring more business in. But it’s worth thinking about how this fits into your business’s marketing strategy and making sure it does what it needs to.


We can help with this!


By finding out more about your business and how you present (and market) yourselves, we can work out ways of not just bunging a lonely video on a YouTube channel that won’t get seen, but making sure that it fits in with the whole way your company works. By doing this we can ensure it fits in with the way your customers buy from you, which (you guessed it) results in a better image, more traffic to your website and all the other juicy benefits of having video content in your marketing drive.

Want to see how we’ve made this work?


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