As a video production company, naturally most of our videos end up on YouTube – being the world’s biggest video platform and the second biggest search engine means that for a business, it’s fairly essential to get your video content on there.

But here’s a thought – are you getting the most out of the videos you put on there?

YouTube has a whole bunch of cool features that companies never really consider when they put their videos online. Stuff like clickable endslates (info panels at the end of your video) with video thumbnails of previous videos playing on them, subscribe button reminders, video playlists or even just good copy text so that your video actually gets seen are features so often forgotten by those who are uploading videos.

“How do I do this?” I hear you cry? Well for starters there’s a video YouTube created to explain some of it (because… Well.. Why wouldn’t they?)

As we’ve been managing more and more YouTube channels for clients (or at the very least, uploading content to them), we’ve found that doing these means your video content can actually fit in with your overall marketing strategy and do all those great things you hear about on the statistics you hear thrown about.

Not sure how to go about this? Get in touch with us and we can give you some advice, or even sit down with you for a few hours to make sure your videos work for you the way they should.

If you use multiple videos in your business (whether they’re corporate videos, training films or even some short testimonial videos) give it some thought.