I always love anecdotes when it comes to things like purchasing decisions. It really helps to get into the mind of the person who buys your products and services, which is why I find this story interesting.

So for my birthday I decided to get a fitness tracker band, because like everyone else in the western world, I like to pretend that I like to keep fit more than I actually like keeping fit (but that’s another story.) There are numerous fitness bands on the market, but the two that really caught my eye were the Jawbone Up and the Fitbit Flex.

I spent an evening with a glass bottle of wine, Spotify and getting my head into review websites deciding which one I wanted to buy (I do this when buying things – yes I’m one of those people). The problem I faced was that both bands seemed to do the same ruddy things just as well as each other… Both were the same price, both had separate apps for you iPhone (with varying reviews for both), both were pedometers/sleep trackers and both looked pretty nice!

So I started looking at product demonstration videos on their Amazon pages and my stomach instantly churned at the Jawbone’s cheesy, over the top, Americanised video (seriously, it used phrases like “so you can know yourself” – horrible.) It wasn’t informative, entertaining or enjoyable to watch and made me instantly reach for another glass of the aforementioned wine. While the Fitbit had quite a nice, feature based, un-cheesy instructional video that was well shot, told me about its benefits, and told me what I (as a consumer) needed to know.

So this made my mind up for me. Boom. One sale lost to Jawbone and one gained for Fitbit, all over the comparable qualities of their video marketing.

The moral of the story? Video is important (hell, if one didn’t have a video I probably wouldn’t have gone with them). And it’s important to find a company who not only gets your message, but who can also tell your brand’s story in the right way. Fitbit got that, Jawbone didn’t.

Food for thought.

NB. As is the power of the internet, either or both of these companies might well get some fresh video marketing for their products, so if you go onto either’s Amazon pages and they’re filled with better/worse video content, these things can change sometimes and good for them/shame on them! (Delete as appropriate.)