So I visited Edinburgh last year (Which is a beautiful city – everybody should go) with a friend of mine and like most good visits to a new city, I ended up going for a curry.

Checking out the local trip advisor locations, we found a place called Kismot that (despite a really garish website) had a pretty great rating and seemed to be in the price range that we were after – we booked a table and headed over later that evening.

When we arrived I was faced by a really interesting use of video I’d not seen before in a curry house: Dotted about the restaurant were large, wall mounted TV screens. On these they had a number of videos they had had produced – a promotional video showing interviews with the owners (a sweet, elderly Husband/Wife team), an appearance on 8 out of 10 Cats (very cool), some ads from local businesses and interestingly, a number of shots of the different meals on the menu!

I found this incredibly interesting as an idea and watched with intent as one dish went to the next, to the next, showing off dishes I’d not tried before (sitting there gawping at these was awful table manners I should point out – sorry!) When it came time to order my meal, instead of going for the usual Rogan Josh, I decided to try one of their signature dishes (called Deshi Khani) that I had seen on the TVs along with a bunch of appetisers I’d not tried before.

The food was delicious, the service excellent and the whole experience was brilliant, but only after did it occur to me what a great idea this was. Not only had they shown off their expertise in cuisine (the 8 out of 10 cats appearance) and presumably made money from the other short adverts from local businesses but they had also convinced us through some clever marketing to spend an extra £10 on top of my bill each, and by introducing me to the sweet older couple running the place I felt far more inclined to give them a sizeable tip.

Clever stuff! (I’m desperately resisting the urge to say ‘food for thought’) and a great way of using video to grow your business.